Mykonos Weather by Season

Mykonos Weather by Season

The climate in Mykonos is Mediterranean, which means that it enjoys warm and sunny summers and mild winters with little rain (about 20 inches/50 millimeters annually). Compared to other Greek islands, Mykonos is quite cooler and windier, which justifies the presence of the windmills. For centuries, they were used to convert wind energy to rotational energy to help mill grain or pump water.

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in Spring?

It is quite sunny here between the months of March and May, with periods of rain and some bad weather. As we move toward the summer, though, the rainfalls start to become less frequent. What is distinct at this time of the year is the strong northern wind called Meltemi that begins to blow at around mid-May. When that happens, it is quite cold on the island, and you may need to wear heavier clothes.

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in Summer?

It is the warmest and sunniest it can be here, but also windy too. The temperature can reach between 30oC (86oF) and 35oC (95oF), which is slightly lower than other parts of Greece where temps are soaring, due to the Meltemi winds that cool things down a bit, especially in the afternoon hours. You will definitely enjoy the amount of sunshine, which is more than great, and, of course, the temperature of the sea that allows you to swim and enjoy it a great deal (averaging 23oC/73oF). Nevertheless, do pack a light jacket or sweatshirt to take with you as the evenings could be cooler than you may want (or are used to in the summertime) due to the, what else, Meltemi wind!

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in Autumn?

The weather is still sunny and warm but as we move further to the heart of fall (particularly the month of November), the frequency of rainfalls starts to increase, and it is beginning to get chillier. Temperatures range from 12oC-19oC/54oF-66oF (the minimum) and up to 18oC-25oC/64oF-77oF (maximum).

What’s the weather like in Mykonos in Winter?

Despite what one may expect from staying on an island in the wintertime, Mykonos is not particularly cold from December to mid-March. Instead, the weather is indeed rainy but mild. What can make the air feel colder than it really is, is the fierce wind. Expect lows ranging from 8-10oC/45-50oF and highs of about 13-15oC/46-48oF. Very rarely, it may also snow at this time of the year. As for the sea, its 15-17oC (59-63oF) is appealing only to the daring, winter swimmers!

Best Time to Visit Mykonos

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If you fancy the beach life and the wild parties, then plan your trip between June and September (first fortnight of the month, the 2nd half is too quiet for what you are after). If your ideal Mykonos vacation includes walking and hiking or visiting quaint villages and cities, you may come April or May, when the crowds are just beginning to build up, but they are not yet overwhelming. The weather is good too, allowing you to explore the island without breaking a sweat. However, thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mykonos is fun to stroll around even in the heart of summer.

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