Mykonos in winter – 5 Reasons to Visit Mykonos in the Off Season

Mykonos in winter – 5 Reasons to Visit Mykonos in the Off Season

Visiting a popular holiday destination for its romantic getaways, summertime cruises, and crazy parties in winter is, for most people, not an alluring thought. This is not the case with Mykonos unless, of course, you are here for the beach scene and the late night boozing. The Island of the Winds is indeed a great place to be even after the hot season. Come October or November, and you will find out that there are still much to do. In fact, you have 5 reasons to visit Mykonos in winter!

Mykonos Weather

The weather is actually warm

Although for most parts of the world the winter months come with much cold and freezing temps, Mykonos is nowhere near it. The sun is shining, the weather is quite warm, and the snow is scarce, if at all. And, although the summer crowds have dissipated, the island has a charming side that invites you to some peaceful moments by the sea. You may not be able to dive in (although brave swimmers may as well try) but you will definitely enjoy water sports like kite surfing and water surfing, especially now that the northern winds blow stronger. Even if you don’t fancy such activities, the beach is an excellent place to sit and read a book (or get inspiration to write one).

winter parties mykonos

There are parties on Mykonos in winter

Even though the peak of the party season is around August, there is a good night scene in winter too. After all, locals do like to have a good time year-round. So, expect evenings (usually between Thursdays and Sundays) with music played by famous DJs and live Greek bands or singers hosted at bars, cafes or restaurants.

Shopping Mykonos

Accommodation & shopping are much more affordable

Shopping in Mykonos in a winter month does not come with the tourist price tag high-end boutiques and designer brands charge between June and September. On the contrary, there are lots of sales and end-of-season specials. Even if you prefer to window shop the Mykonos Town, strolling the labyrinth-like cobbled streets is much more enjoyable now that the summer crowds are gone. Accommodation comes cheaper too, which means that you can rent a luxury villa with all modern comforts and amenities, plus a striking view of the Aegean at nearly half the price.

Explore Mykonos Winter

You get the chance to explore Mykonos 

Besides a party mecca, Mykonos is also brimming with history. Take your time and visit the ruins of the UNESCO site of Delos, a site that rivals the Acropolis in archaeological significance (and not only). Having just a handful of people on the island, contrary to the tons of visitors during the high season, feels as if you have the entire place all to yourself. While here, climb Mt. Kynthos, for breath-taking panoramas of the Cyclades islands. However, make sure you get a winter jacket as the wind is quite strong here. Other sites worth exploring in winter include the 16th-century monastery of Panagia Tourliani – home to beautiful Byzantine iconography. Do consider renting a car for a chance to discover the many quaint places offering superb seascapes and get acquainted with incredibly warm people.

mykonos calm

Mykonos is Calm and Serene

If you want a peaceful break from the everyday craziness, winter Mykonos is perfect. You can do anything you want, from taking a leisure walk in Little Venice to dining at a fine restaurant, joining a party or savouring some time by the beach (or hitting the waves). Sometimes, all we need to rejuvenate is a break from the noise and loudness of the metropolitan cities and just sit someplace where the only thing we listen is the waves slapping the shore and rest our eyes with beautiful views.


A different side of Mykonos, an equally enchanting face of the island, awaits to excite you, so booking your vacation during the off-season will reward you for sure.