Wandering Around Little Venice

Wandering Around Little Venice

Walking through the narrow, maze-like streets of Mykonos Town or the Chora as locals call the capital of the island (and every capital of each island in the Cyclades), you get the chance to see some real old-world charm flowing in abundance. Beautiful whitewashed houses, cobblestone paths, bougainvillaea-filled balconies, and imposing windmills and lighthouses still standing like ancient defenders of the island’s prosperity while showing the way to seafaring sailors, impress greatly. An endearing little corner of the capital is home to one of the most magnificent and beloved areas among tourists– Little Venice.

For those of you that have visited Venice, Italy, Little Venice comes as a pleasant surprise because of the many similarities (mainly in the architectural style) it shares with the Italian city!

Exploring this Little Nook

With 18th-century fishing houses that were once inhabited by shipping merchants (now turned into cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops) fringing the waterfront (they literally overhang the water) and gorgeous seascapes, it comprises a superb location to enjoy your drink, a nice dinner as the sun melts behind the horizon (we suggest visiting dining facilities like D’Angelo, To Maereio, Popolo and Kastro’s), or a romantic walk along the shore with your partner. There are also quite a few bars and clubs (see Breeze cocktail bar, Semeli, and Caprice) nearby for those looking to get a taste of the island’s vibrant party scene while being able to savour breath-taking views of the Aegean and the Mykonos coastline.

When to come

Little Venice is a rather quiet neighbourhood in the daytime, giving both tourists and locals alike the opportunity to take in the splendour of the landscape and a refreshing morning coffee with only the sound of waves washing ashore breaking the serenity of the place. Things change dramatically, though, as the night approaches. Then, you will probably be elbowing with the hordes of people looking for a seat in a prime location (the water edge) that gives them a full view of the, admittedly, mind-blowing sunsets that even the most advanced lenses cannot do justice. And, while being here, don’t be surprised if you rub shoulders with a VIP, famous athlete, or a Hollywood star. Mykonos is a favourite child for many of them!

It should also be noted that Little Venice is not the ideal place for exquisite tastes, rather than a part of Mykonos to experience traditional local and Mediterranean dishes at cosy tavernas also serving delicious, fresh, seafood.

Our advice if you want to dine here? Make early reservations or come way before the crowds start to build up.

Getting to Little Venice

It is very easy to find Little Venice. Remember that almost every road that leads down to the shore will take you to Little Venice. So, depending on what you want at a given moment, you may either head to the windmills and then walk towards the sea or, if you wish to wander the streets of the Chora, shop around, or explore the capital on foot, pick a road that leads to the coast once you are done, and you will get there (or near Little Venice) pronto!