5+1 Reasons to Get Married in Mykonos

5+1 Reasons to Get Married in Mykonos

With a fairy-tale like backdrop, beautiful, cubic-shaped, whitewashed houses, scenic cobbled streets, fantastic sunsets, and a rugged landscape that blends with the blue Aegean waters, Mykonos is the ultimate destination for a dream wedding. If you are wondering what truly makes Mykonos the perfect place to exchange your vows, we give you six reasons to consider!

Reason #1: Getting married in one of the most incredible beaches!

One of the most popular wedding concepts for a wedding held on an island is the beach wedding. Mykonos has some of the most spellbinding shores in the Cyclades, offering superbly romantic sunsets and an utterly idyllic ambiance.

Reason #2: You can experience the Traditional Greek Wedding Flair!

If you have always wanted a Greek-style Orthodox wedding and fancied the picturesque Mykonos chapels with the pure-white walls adorned by charming ocean-blue doors and windows and bougainvillea-filled pathways, then you know that the Island of the Winds is just perfect for you. With literally hundreds of small hillside churches and mountaintop monasteries overlooking the Aegean, you will be spoilt for choice. And, if you like the idea of embracing traditional wedding customs, expect to be walked to the church with the sounds of the lyre and the clarinet!

Reason #3: You can have your dream civil wedding EVERYWHERE!

If you meet the legal requirements of the locale, you can hold your civil wedding on a luxurious yacht amidst the sea, at the pool of your exclusive villa, on the beach of your likes or any other location and make it as wild and noisy or sweet and romantic as you wish!

Reason #4: You can have the best bachelor/rette EVER!

Mykonos is world-renowned for its legendary parties and great nightlife (famed to be one of the best in Europe). Can you think of a better place to savour your last night of being single than Mykonos? Even if you want something quieter, the island’s upscale restaurants and cocktail bars will fit your bill perfectly. Not to mention the alluring and picturesque Little Venice neighbourhood, with the quaint seashore eateries and clubs and the magnificent sunsets. You only need to choose how crazy your bachelor or bachelorette party will be. And, if you fancy a VIP treatment, you will find plenty of wedding organisers on the island whose customised services include a chauffeur and private access to the most popular bars and clubs.

Reason #5: The Honeymoon is right THERE!

How many couples have the chance to be at their dream place for getting married AND their honeymoon destination at the same time! Now only does this save you money but it also gives you the chance to celebrate your new life with your loved ones since all of them will be at the wedding! Mykonos is paradisal if you know where to look!

Last but not least, let’s not forget that taboos have no place in Mykonos. So, although the Greek state has not yet legalised same-sex marriages, nothing stops you from joining the thousands of LGBT couples who come to Mykonos to seal their love via a blessing ceremony! 

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