5 Ways Mykonos Can Please you in Spring & FAQ

5 Ways Mykonos Can Please you in Spring & FAQ

Mykonos is an undeniable queen when it comes to legendary parties and a night scene cut for the demanding A-lists and celebs that flock the island every summer. However, there is much more to love about Mykonos all year round. With an abundance of sedate charms outside the hot season, this 5-star party mecca proves to be a very calm and quiet place providing unique opportunities to enjoy a peaceful getaway, unwind, and allow yourself to get lost in the maze-like narrow streets of the Chora, only to find your way to some of the most gorgeous beaches and view the most idyllic sea panoramas ever seen by man on earth.

So, if you are planning a Mykonos escapade during spring break, here is what can be most savoured at the Island of the Winds:

    1. Sightseeing – From rubbing shoulders with some 200,000 people that visit the island during the summer months, you get to take in the beauty of every little thing with a handful of other people and some 10,000 locals that will gladly share a glass of ouzo or a meze with you! Even a tour to the neighbouring Delos island is more enticing, giving the full spectrum of this mysterious and energy-filled spot’s vibes, free from the crazy crowds of the summer. Plus, you won’t have to queue to get a seat for the ferry!
    1. The hospitality – You get to please your palate with delicious local tastes and flavours from Michelin-star restaurants while being treated with the distinguishing hospitality the Greeks are known for, without dealing with burned out hoteliers and near-dead restaurant managers and tavern owners. Although you won’t find the plethora of eateries, bars and clubs of July or August, there is definitely more than enough to keep you delighted and, well, busy, after sunset, with a decent range of parties and events that are beginning to heat up!
    1. The beaches – The small Cycladic island with the whitewashed, cubic-shaped houses, harmonious architecture, olive and fig trees scattered all over its rugged terrain, and the stony fields is also home to about 25 sandy beaches. Fringing the beautiful coastline are some of the most charming shores that can fulfil every requirement – from nudist and beach bar-occupied to VIP-favoured, secluded, kid-friendly, and wind-protected, and everything in between. Without the crowds of the peak season and with the temperature rising by the day (yet, it is already much more enjoyable than the scorching 38oC of mid-July and August), you can have your privacy by the beach and, why not, even try a refreshing dive.
    1. The rates – If you are interested in meeting celebrities, NBA athletes, Olympic champs, and Hollywood stars while drinking champagne until the early morning hours with the beat of famous DJs, then don’t come spring (but, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag for your choices). For the more budget-conscious traveller, Mykonos is a very attractive destination between April and late May, when everything is considerably cheaper, from restaurants and shops to accommodation.
  1. The laid-back lifestyle – The island has found its normal rhythms after a crazy summer. This means that it is much easier to get a waterfront table at Nammos bar restaurant, join a spring event, stroll the cobbled streets of the capital, visit the Lighthouse and other sights at your own pace, and feel the invigorating salty breeze without hordes of people pushing you around!

Mykonos Spring Guide

Planning to visit Mykonos anytime during spring? Below you will find some handy information.

Q: What is the weather like in April or May in Mykonos?

A: Generally, the weather is fairly good at Mykonos at that time of the year, with temperatures averaging 20οC (68oF). However, it is not uncommon to have warmer days and temps reaching up to 26oC (nearly 79oF) while the lowest it can get is usually around 14oC (slightly above 57oF). As we move towards the heart of May, though, things change to the better and, although swimming is still feasible in April for those with a daring soul, it now becomes a much more enjoyable pastime as it can get quite warm. More than often, we see highs that reach 30oC. Now, whether you will pack lightly or not and fly over really depends on where you come from!

Q: How is the nightlife in Mykonos during spring?

A: If you come at around late April or, even better, mid-May, you will be able to get a nice taste of the Mykonos night scene. Things start to heat up from May and through October (peaking between July and August), with more and more clubs, beach bars, shops, and restaurants opening their doors as we move towards the summer months. Mykonos Town gathers most of the activity in spring, and fills with both spring breakers from abroad and Greeks that vacation on the island during the Orthodox Easter.

Q: How do I get to Mykonos in spring?

A: Although there are not as many flights and ferry rides as in the hot season, you will still have no problem getting there, especially if you are coming from Europe. Most European capitals have direct flights to Mykonos. However, for those traveling from non-European countries, such as the USA, things are not that bad. In the majority of cases, you just need to fly to Athens and then take another plane or ferry to get to Mykonos.

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos in spring?

A: There is a broad range of options, from budget-friendly studios and guesthouses to Mykonos boutique hotels and luxury mansions. Given that most high-end hotels do not open before mid-May, you may have a hard time trying to find accommodation to suit your VIP needs. The best alternative to a luxury hotel stay is to rent an exclusive villa, which is the most favoured option among the celebs and jet-setters that visit the island. You will find a plethora of extraordinarily beautiful mansions perched across pristine Mykonos locations enjoying a full range of amenities and comforts, as well as idyllic views of the Aegean.

Q: How do I get around Mykonos in spring?

A: Several bus routes are operating in spring, though not as many as in the summertime, to take you anywhere you wish to go. You may also consider a ferry ride or taking a taxi. Another option is to rent a car or ask for concierge services that include a private chauffeur. Now, if you want to get off of Mykonos, you may still find a decent number of day trips and ferry rides to visit the nearby islands of Delos, Tinos, and Paros.

Q: What is there to do in Mykonos in spring?

A: Don’t expect the hordes of travellers that swarm the island between late June and mid-August or the champagne-doused lunches and wild parties that take place then. Nevertheless, there are fun day parties that you could attend from mid-May and onwards while many shops, restaurants, and taverns are also open for business. That aside, the weather is warm enough to hit the beaches or go sightseeing and explore every aspect of this magnificent Cycladic island at your own pace. Everything is much more enjoyable if you are not rubbing elbows with hundreds more people trying to do the exact same thing at the exact same time as you, be it strolling the cobbled streets of the Chora, savouring a romantic sunset at Little Venice, or anything in between.