Getting VIP Access to Exclusive Parties and Events

Getting VIP Access to Exclusive Parties and Events

When the sun goes down and disappears well beyond the point where the heart-fulfilling Aegean Sea meets the endless horizon, the other side of Myconos awakens. A side that lacks nothing of the charms of the day but is sprinkled with an exiting party feel and definitely lots of opportunities to satisfy one’s desire to live the absolute Mykonian lifestyle with the greatness and luxury it is worth experiencing. Time to enjoy VIP access to first-class entertainment and highly demanded events in some of the world’s most renowned clubs, bars, and venues!

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Best Mykonos Clubs With VIP Access

The legendary party scene and vibrant nightlife has made Mykonos a worthy rival of other cosmopolitan hotspots like Saint Tropez and Ibiza. And, since the Island of the Winds is more alive at night than day, it comes as no surprise that adventure seekers and luxury lovers have an impressive wealth of options to spend their evenings and nights.


From the Queen of Mykonos and Cavo Paradiso that enchants with its acclaimed parties which host EDM DJs to gay-popular Jackie O’, there is always a designated area for you and your friends to dance through the night, dine, or relish bubbly champagne and cocktails that offer the palate unlimited, explosive pleasure, away from prying eyes.

Five of the best Mykonian bars and clubs with VIP access are:

  • Scandinavian Bar (Agios Ioannis) – The central pillar of the island’s music, dance, and party scene. Comprised of a patio, two open-air bars, a VIP area, and several dance floors, the bar provides an exciting atmosphere and the finest cocktails while covering an entire city block with high-energy fun.
  • Queen of Mykonos (Chora) – Cristian Ronaldo’s personal favourite champagne and cocktail bar and lounge is nicely tucked in thriving Mykonos Town and epitomizes luxury and style the most delightful way.
  • Cavo Paradiso (Paradise Bay) – One of the chicest places in Mykonos to appreciate house music (often played by famous DJs like David Guetta), surrounded by the allure of the sparkling water reflecting the spray of lights, Cavo Paradiso is a definitely a major player in the island’s party scene and a place where champagne flows in abundance.
  • Bonbonniere (Chora)– A popular nightlife destination among the international jet set in search of an exquisite party experience. The most expensive champagne show, where bottles of the popular beverage are served table side in a gigantic Faberge Egg, and an expansive outdoor terrace that allows the bar to transform from a fine eatery to the center of all action by night, Bonbonniere enjoys the likes of celebs, including Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Scherzinger.
  • Caprice Bar (Little Venice) – A traditional-style setting and a venue that is keeping on the cutting edge of the dance music scene, Caprice Bar is where you will find the finest cocktails and a superb balance of relaxed feel, excitement, and chic stylishness.

Followed by complimentary bottles and allocated mixes to take your clubbing adventure to an upper level while avoiding the hassle of long queues, Mykonos’ clubs seduce with exclusive parties and VIP sections that hold an almost intoxicating mystique and secrets well kept!