Spiritual Holidays in Mykonos

Spiritual Holidays in Mykonos

Some places on earth hold a special mystical power due to their strong energy fields. These spiritual places allow us to experience something that does not belong to this world – at least, not the world we know of. Take the lost city of the Incas, the Machu Picchu, or the Easter Island. Both linked to the energy centres of this planet, they are believed to bear the secrets of the universe. No wonder people choose to build worship areas and temples in these locations.

The Mystical Energies of Delos Island

Mykonos is also neighbouring with a sacred island with a high energy magnetic field – Delos island. Those that have been there admit being overwhelmed by a sensation of awe for the ancient island where no person is allowed to be born or die in. Watching the sun slip behind the Aegean makes you lose track of time; as if time and space become blurry concepts. 

Nobody really knows why Delos has been referred to as a holy island from the ancient times – a place so sanctified that at the time of the Persian Wars, no enemy stepped foot on it. Perhaps it is because of its position in the Aegean – it sits in the middle of a circle of islands we now know as the Cyclades. Others believe that the place gets a high concentration of energy due to a specific star that appears in the centre of a ring of stars right above Delos during the summertime. If you ask the locals, they will tell you that they feel there is a magnetic pull between Delos, the stars, the sea, and the moon which not only creates a plethora of positive and negative energies but also balances them. Also, according to mythology, Delos was the birthplace of the God of Light, Apollo.

Delos for Spiritual Practices

No matter the reason, Delos is a popular pole of attraction for people interested in historical places, UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Delos was declared as one in 1990), or lands with the power to unleash their spiritual potential. So, we often see tourists and locals alike visiting the island to meditate, practice Yoga, or perform Tai Chi exercises because they feel the energy of Delos accelerates the benefits of whatever spiritual practice they try.


As an effective energy multiplier, the island exudes a sense of tranquillity that can also be savoured by anyone living in a villa facing Delos. We can’t confine energy in the limited space of Delos so it only makes sense to be able to feel it from a short distance (the boat ride from Mykonos to Delos is under 20 minutes). In this case, instead of going to the island, you can take advantage of its incredible energy and practice spiritual, mental or physical practices or disciplines at sunset or just before the sun showers the Aegean with its light, creating a magical atmosphere, from the comfort of your balcony, terrace or another outdoor area. 

villa delos view
villa delos view

An excellent opportunity to reach a higher level of inner calm and awareness amidst a world that can be too frantic, demanding, and, at times, even exhausting.

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