Living in the reds with adrenaline-pumping water and under-water experiences.

Living in the reds with adrenaline-pumping water and under-water experiences.

The Aegean Sea offers an impressive and widely diverse seascape and heart-stopping underwater sceneries distinguished by rock walls, canyons, and various traces of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. If you love living life in the reds, then this list of thrilling Mykonos water activities will probably quench your desire for adrenaline-pumping moments!

Water Sports for All Ages and Tastes

Scattered all around the island of Mykonos (mainly close to popular beaches like Platis Gialos and Kalafatis Beach) are water sports centres whose qualified instructors can provide safe and exciting activities (also teach you how to do a wide range of water sports) to both beginners and experienced water sports enthusiasts.

You can start with things like:

  • Water skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Barefoot skiing

Grab your gear, strap yourself around a speedboat, and let the expert boat driver take you on an action-packed banana boat ride, sofa ride or tube ride; all safe and family-friendly activities. Depending on the level of comfort you wish when bouncing over the waves, you can ask for the more leisurely rides that allow you to relish a fantastic holiday experience in ultimate style! But, if you want to step up a gear, do have the driver give you the tingle of excitement more extreme rides come with!

Looking for some solo fun? Jet skis are available for rental. If you have no clue as to how to drive one, an instructor is always ready to show you the ropes. 

Other water activities to try out:

  • Parasailing – Defy gravity and take off. Take a short ride around the beach or ask for the longer rides for more fun. Both experiences will end up without you getting wet (unless you want otherwise)!


parasailing mykonos

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  • Flyboarding – Probably the hottest extreme sport right now. A superb way to lift yourself off the ground (water, in this case) and fly while feeling your heart racing!


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  • Windsurfing – The winds blowing on the north side of the island make it an ideal place for those looking for some water fun in their attempt to tame the waves.

mykonos surfing

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And, let us not forget the adventure private speed boat trips can offer you. Totally customised boat trips (depending on your requirements) can also be arranged so you can see breath-taking spots of Mykonos island from the water.

A New World Underwater

Under the guidance of a PADI professional, amateur divers learn the basic safety-related concepts and explore an entirely new world that exists underwater (at first in a closely supervised environment).

padi mykonos dive

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More experienced scuba divers can enjoy the excellent visibility of the deeper waters (average maximum dive site depth is approximately 20-25 m – visibility up to 40 m) and capture amazing things, from pelagic species to old shipwrecks. The great news is that Mykonos has several reefs that comprise welcoming dive sites, like the Kalafakiona Reef and Lia Reef, where you can meet an enormous diversity of marine life and fish, and be dazzled by the rocky topography and morphology. 

Undeniably, whatever water activity you choose to send chills up and down your spine, you can’t go wrong. Time to shake up those days on the beach and feel more alive than ever in an island that never sleeps! 

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