Discovering the hidden gems of Mykonos through private tours – Specifically tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Discovering the hidden gems of Mykonos through private tours – Specifically tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Whatever the reason you visit Mykonos, there is no way you will ever be disappointed. You see, the Greek island with the cosmopolitan flair, unbeatable Cycladic charm, magnificent beaches, and vibrant nightlife can tick the boxes even of the most demanding jet-setter.  To get to know as much of the so-called Island of the Winds as possible, you can benefit from private, strictly personalised tours that will introduce you to unknown aspects of the Mykonos lifestyle and the beauties surrounding the island. Below, are some tour ideas you could consider:

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Walking Tour: Mykonos Sightseeing on Foot

A shore excursion tour will give you more than enough to do and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the traditional way of living and the history behind the whitewashed buildings, among others. Tour off the main cobbled streets and through the narrow, windy alleys that once served as a means to deter pirates from salvaging the island, and stop by:

  • The Agricultural Museum – The highlight there is an age-defying Bonis windmill.
  • The Folklore Museum – You will be able to admire antique furniture, clothing, jewellery, and old photos that showcase life in Mykonos throughout the ages.
  • The Maritime Museum – It is home to ship models that were used in the war of independence and a remarkably preserved lighthouse.

The famed windmills and the Old Town, along with idyllic Little Venice neighbourhood definitely deserve a spot on this itinerary too.


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Wine Tasting Tour

Depending on your preferences, you may ask for a half-day or full-day tour that will involve wine tasting, and treating your taste buds with delicious, Greek mezedes. It is an excellent way to discover and taste a wide range of the finest Mykonian wines and the most distinct blends, introduced by professional sommeliers.

Give this adventure a new dimension by going to an authentic Mykonos farm with traditional house wines and learn basic tasting techniques; knowledge that will follow you back home and for the rest of your life, adding to the quality of your lifestyle. Savouring lunch or dinner at a local taverna after this experience is a superb way to end this tour!

Delos & Santorini Tour

Delos Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is rightfully considered a national treasure. You may get there on your luxury yacht (a 25-minute boat ride); however, helicopter rides are also quite popular options for such destinations.

Walk on the mythical birthplace of Sun God (Apolo) and get a close look at the 6000-year-old sanctuary that used to be the centre of attention for ancient pilgrims, who would come to sacred Delos from all around the world. Watch the sun slide behind the labyrinth alleyways of Delos villages and witness a fairy-tale-like moment. Or soar up and away to see more of the Aegean Sea Islands, including Santorini (40-minute helicopter ride), where you can soak up fantastic views of the Greek Cyclades islands and the endless blue of the sea.

Other Tour Ideas:

  • Beach Tour – Mykonos is a place where taboos and stereotypes have no place. From LGBTQ-friendly beaches (i.e. Kalafatis, Elia, Agrari, and Fokos) to children-perfect sandy shores, the choice is yours to make!
  • Ancient Greek Mythology Tour – Learn all about the love (and queer) stories of the ancient Greek Gods and see the lands that are reminiscing about the love affairs between the gods and plain mortals (i.e. find Poseidon’s infatuation with young prince Pelops in Jackie O’ nightclub).
  • Organic Agriculture Tour – Come close to the organic agriculture of a traditional Mykonian farm, spend time with farm animals, and get involved with farming tasks. An excellent tour for families with children. Be rewarded with shots of raki or locally produced ouzo and enjoy the snack every farmer in Mykonos eats (bread, kopanisti cheese, fresh tomatoes, black olives, and cucumbers) while resting on a stone-build couch. 

There are plenty of ways to live a Mykonos adventure and arm yourself with colourful experiences when it is time to pack your bags again. Just ask for a customized tour per your requirements or likes and enjoy the ride!

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