Luxury Living in Mykonos

Luxury Living in Mykonos

Once a humble little island that mainly served as a layover on the way to famous Delos and lacking the absolute essentials, like electricity, Mykonos has now earned a place in the list of the world’s most elite holiday destinations – a place definitely well-earned.

Mykonos Afternoon

Legendary names of the international jet set, Hollywood stars, athletes of world-fame, politicians, royals, and other VIPs choose the charming cobble-stoned streets of Mykonos that burst with life and a vibrant night scene which awakens when the sun goes down, or a bit earlier, to spend some leisure time and have fun while diving into the island’s glamour and enjoying unique opportunities to live the illustrious Mykonian lifestyle in style and grandness.


We welcome you to this blog, where you can find everything about luxurious living in Mykonos, hidden treasures only the locals know of, and well-kept secrets that can open an entirely new dimension for you when you step foot on the Island of the Winds!

Paradise Mykonos

What’s to Love About Mykonos

Lined with white-washed homes, quaint captains’ residencies, wells with old-world charm, and the distinct Cycladic architecture evident in every step you take, the narrow alleyways of Mykonos Town take you past 17th-century churches, 18th-century windmills perched in Little Venice, ancient buildings that have been converted to popular restaurants and bars offering stupefying sea views from their balconies, and clubs mostly favoured by pop stars, in-vogue fashion designers, and supermodels.

mykonos windmills

Before you do anything else, just dive into the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea as the sun disappears behind the horizon and it will be love at first sight. After that, you will know that it is love for life.

Staying in 5-star exclusive Mykonos villas with private pools


Luxury Living in Mykonos Means…

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The list is literally never-ending. But, rest assured, no matter the reason why you come to Mykonos, the Island of the Winds has a remarkable way to surprise you even if you are accustomed to a life of opulence and luxury!