Driving around with elegant, luxurious cars in Mykonos

Driving around with elegant, luxurious cars in Mykonos

Undeniably, Mykonos offers an exciting diversity in almost everything. From food and fun to ways one can get around, the Island of the Winds provides flexibility and lots of options to accommodate every need and taste. For instance, if you wish to explore the cosmopolitan side of Mykonos or its less known and more secluded coves, you may take a taxi (if you are okay with the limited vehicles available and long waiting times), a scooter (not ideal if you are planning to enjoy a couple of drinks), Quad or ATV bikes (quite okay if you don’t mind the scorching sun burning your face and body all the time), or a bus (buses run on a regular basis in Mykonos every 30 to 60 minutes).

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Of course, nothing compares to the comfort and convenience of having your own luxurious car and personal driver taking you to all the fantastic places Mykonos is most famous for, without you even breaking a sweat.

Drive-accessible beaches

Crystal clear cobalt waters, sandy beaches and breath-taking views of the Aegean and surrounding rocky landscape define the coastline (and a good portion of inland). Head to the southern side, where most beaches are located.

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Some of your options include:


*all distances are from Mykonos Town

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Also, Ornos Beach (3km south of Mykonos Town) and the quiet Lia Beach (14km southeast of Mykonos Town), Kapari Beach (6km west of Mykonos Town), and Panormos Beach (6km northeast of Mykonos Town) are worth a ride.

Sights to Visit

Get into your deluxe, air-conditioned car and drive past picturesque villages, quaint churches and numerous chapels (around 800), fascinating museums, and other famous sights people come in thousands to admire and see from up close.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit:

  • Ano Mera Village – In the heart of Mykonos, this picture-perfect village is home to the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, a beautiful sample of Cycladic architecture, built in the 16th century. Paleokastro Monastery stands proudly on the hill opposite the village, on land that was once home to the Byzantine Castle (remains of which are still found around the monastery) and its fortress, alongside graves belonging to the Geometric period of Greece.   
  • Little Venice – Located in the western part of Mykonos Town, it is where the land meets the sea. Don’t be surprised if you see buildings with balconies literally hanging over the water. Many constructions were built like that (on the edge of the sea) during the 16th and 17th century when piracy was widespread. Enjoy the vistas, your drink or a breath-taking sunset!
  • Ancient settlements – In the area between the beaches of Ftelia and Panormos, archaeologists excavated a well-preserved settlement dating some 7,000 years ago. They also found an extremely rare example of the Neolithic goldsmith’s art.
  • The Lighthouse   Also called Armenistis, the Mykonos Lighthouse is found about 7km northeast of the Chora. It is very easy to drive there if you only follow the signs to Agios Stefanos/Fanari. Once there, you will be rewarded with amazing views of Tinos island and a superb sea spectacle (the Aegean, dotted with yachts and small fishermen boats leaving from or arriving in Mykonos). Now, if you want to get a close look at the mechanism of the very first lamp ever been used in the Lighthouse, make a stop at the Aegean Naval Museum. Other notable museums include the Aegean Maritime Museum, the Agricultural Museum, and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. And, while there, have a quick look at the Town Hall; an architectural landmark of older ages worth checking out.
  • The Windmills – Not far away from the Agricultural Museum lies one of the most recognized Mykonian landmarks. The Windmills date back to the 16th century and were used to refine grain, which was then transported to Europe and Asia.
  • Paraportiani Church – If not THE most photographed attraction on the island, Paraportiani Church is definitely the church that draws the biggest crowds every year. Besides its unique asymmetrical construction, it also combines western, traditional, vernacular, and Byzantine style seamlessly. It consists of 4 ground floor temples dating to the middle of the 15th century A.D.

From Mini-vans and Jeeps to luxury SUVs, Sedans and Roadsters, you only select the vehicle of your preferences and, well, enjoy the ride.   

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