Pleasing your senses with quality fresh fish and ouzo from family-run seaside tavernas

Pleasing your senses with quality fresh fish and ouzo from family-run seaside tavernas

Without a doubt, Mykonos has it all, including a fascinating food scene that can please all tastes. From nouvelle French and Italian flavours to sushi and fresh seafood, the options are endless. If, however, you are in the mood to treat your taste buds with delicious, traditional Greek food, there are plenty of tavernas that will offer you superb culinary experiences, alongside fantastic views while almost dipping your toes in the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea! Below are 5 of the most popular choices to begin this journey.

Tasos Taverna Mykonos

An all-day beach tavern with a cult following and excellent food quality that attracts tourists and locals alike. Try their signature spinach-leek turnover and, of course, shrimps (flash-fried and palpably fresh) as well as grilled anchovies (called fileta gavros) and roast eggplant. As for their wine list, it is more than decent. Not to mention their ouzo and tsipouro collections that are definitely worth tasting.  Open until midnight, from late March until late October.

  • Madouras (Chora – Mykonos Town)

It is a café, bar, and traditional cookhouse that serves hearty food of particularly generous portions. Some of their best dishes include fresh anchovies, louza (pork meat/sausages seasoned with savoury and allspice), dolmades (stuffed vegetables with rice and herbs), revithada (sauce/dip made with chickpeas), homemade whole grain bread, and grilled oyster mushrooms (called plevrotous) served on a salad bed with parmesan and balsamic. Do ask for the house tsipouro (many Greek families make their own tsipouro) and don’t forget to stop by the photo gallery inside the tavern, with old black-and-white pictures. Open from 7am until late at night year round.


To steki tou proedrou - Mykonos

Located on the west side of the main plaza, this tavern is an exceptional choice for both dinner and lunch. Plus, you may combine your gastronomic adventure with a visit to the adjacent monastery or the nearby beaches. The menu is great. Well-executed and definitely full of pleasant surprises, such as the island’s signature onion pie, anchovies marinated in herbs and extra virgin olive oil (called gavros marinatos), and assorted roast meat (i.e., kokoretsi – goat cooked on a spit). Open from midday until 1 am every day, most of the year.

You won’t find many of these in Mykonos. An old-fashioned, unpretentious tavern with not only great food but also affordable prices. Worth trying are their meatballs, grilled sausages, onion pie, cheese croquettes, seasonal amaranth greens (called vlita), and their mushroom-based dishes. Don’t leave without dessert, though. They have a fab range of puds, from cheesecakes to mousses. If you choose to sit outdoors, you can also savour fantastic sunset views while the cosy woodsy interior is a good choice for wet or cold days. Open from noon until late at night, from May to early October. Do make a reservation to avoid long waiting lines.

Extremely popular with locals that rush to taste louza, pork tenderloin (psaronefri), tangy fermented cheese dip (kopanisti), garlic mushrooms, and wholemeal bread, among others. As for drinks, tsipouro (Thessalian – clear spirit) and fruity wines will compliment the tastes in your mouth and prepare you for your next dish. A hole-in-the-wall eatery, where you will find great food and the heart-warming hospitality Mykonos is known for. Open all year.

Enjoy your food!


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