Feeling absolutely free to live luxuriously without taboos or reservations

Feeling absolutely free to live luxuriously without taboos or reservations

Besides an island that never sleeps, Mykonos is a quirky retreat which was put on the international tourism map some decades ago and has no room for taboos or stupid stereotypes that rule many modern societies. The locals here are beyond friendly, with an open mind that does not care to put labels on people, based on their colour, sexual preferences and likes. While here, you can be yourself and be appreciated for it.

Welcome to Mykonos, Little Venice

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Welcome to Mykonos…you and all of your wonderful particularities!

After taking your first deep breaths on the island, you will instantly feel reborn and rejuvenated; relieved of your daily worries.

Gay couples can freely hold hands and celebrate their affection for one another – if you have ever heard or, even better, been to Super Paradise beach or the XlSIOR Mykonos International Summer Gay Festival, then you know for sure that the Cycladic island is home to frantic amusement, nudism, eccentricity, and unique entertainment experiences without limits. 

You can dress up however you like, no matter how crazy or bizarre! Where you come from or the colour of your skin plays absolutely no role when you are in Mykonos. Everybody is saluted with a positive attitude, a big smile, and the warm hospitality the Greeks are infamous for!

Incredible Sense of Freedom

That sense of freedom is not new. Mykonos was discovered and instantly became the favourite destination of many VIPs like Aristoteles Onassis, who would come with their personal jets to spend some relaxing time back in the 1950s. In fact, the locals were so easy-going that even rich people and celebrities like Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Soraya, and Elizabeth Tailor could walk by them in the streets and go past completely unnoticed! No wonder singers, poets, models, actors, fashion designers, and a-lists repeatedly chose the Island of the Winds to feel free again, turning it into their personal shelter in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

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Full of Beautiful Contradictions

It is not only the unique landscape, cosmopolitan environment, and archaeological sites that helped spread Mykonos’ reputation. Contradicting elements are apparent in this small stretch of land and give the island a distinct eccentric vibe. Looking more like an 18th-century village rather than a contemporary metropolis, Mykonos sways between the modern and traditional and from complex to simple in a particularly appealing way. Even the topography is diverse with the blue of the sea and the sky clashing against the white-washed homes, and cubic-shaped figures competing with the softer lines of the mountain ranges. Everything here screams uniqueness and feels more like a good marriage between seemingly opposite or peculiar features.

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All in all, Mykonos is a paradise awash with unbeatable beauty, glamour, sophistication, and an incredible open-mildness, where people don’t let minor thoughts like skin colour or sexual orientation ruin their chance to live the exclusive, so unbelievably idiosyncratic, holiday experience Mykonos has to offer. 

In Mykonos, everything is possible, and you know what they say:

Whatever happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos!


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