Best Mykonos Anchorages for Your Yacht on the South Coast

Best Mykonos Anchorages for Your Yacht on the South Coast

The south coast is full of beautiful beaches, which also make excellent anchorages for your yacht, providing sufficient sheltering from all winds but for those of the south. Some of the most suitable ones are:

  1. Ornos Bay– A busy bay less than 3km far from Mykonos Town whose bottom is sandy with weed (do pay attention when dropping anchor because it provides poor holding in some places). The mooring balls on the top end of the bay can make you anchor a bit further out in deeper water. It is suggested to berth at around 12m and check things out as the waters are swallowing rather quickly in many places. If your anchor is good, then you can safely remain there. Ornos bay is connected with Korfos bay via a strip of land, and also features a disembarking dock. If you choose to wander around the area, there are many shops, restaurants, tavernas, and clubs nearby to entertain yourself. You may, sometimes, also use the permanent mooring that belongs to a fishing caique for your overnight stay.

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  1. Platis Gialos – The sandy bottom allows for better holding than Ornos Bay. Platis Gialos provides some proper shelter from the Meltemi winds, which is one of the reasons it is one of the two most popular anchorages in Mykonos, especially during high season. Together with Psarou, they comprise the closest marinas to the capital of the island.

  2. Elia Bay It is a large bay that provides good shelter from all winds except for south-western and south-eastern ones. Due to its (long) distance from Mykonos Town, it is not a much-preferred harbourage for boats. The daylight finds the area quite crowded with swimmers and sunbathers, who come to enjoy the sun, the sea, watersports, and the delicious seafood served at the large bar-restaurant ashore. At night, everything changes and you get to have the anchorage almost all by yourself. If you are planning to leave the yacht, it is suggested to drop two anchors because the winds here can be quite ferocious at times.

  3. Agia Anna – On the east of Mykonos, the bay is exposed only to south-southwestern winds. The bottom is seaweed and sand and provides good holding (quite shallow waters, though).

  4. Kalafatis Bay – It has good holding and is reasonably sheltered from the Meltemi winds(explained at the link). However, it is open to strong east and south winds. Mind the reef on the southern part of the bay – the one less than 200m from the shore.

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Other anchorages of the south with good protection:

North Coast Mykonos Anchorages

There are two bights on the east coast of the massive Panormos bay that provide nice shelter from the southern winds: (1) the Panormos anchorage that will protect you sufficiently from the south-eastern and north-western winds and also offer you pristine views to treat your eyes with, and (2) the Agios Sostis bight that is only open to north-eastern winds. Beware of the reefs and shallows on the north of the anchorage so approach with caution.

Enjoy your yachting experience!

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